Monday, October 22, 2007


Salt Lake City, Utah

the magic hour

Evdilos, the old capital of the island of Ikaria

Sunday, October 21, 2007

medieval settlement

Part of a mountain settlement where the community were able to hide from pirates. It lies several hundred meters above the present-day village of Chrysostomo, near which Icarus was reputed to have fallen at the end of his ill-fated flight. The view from the village is identical to that of the well-known painting of Icarus' fall by Pieter Brueghel.

Ikaria, Greece

night ferry

Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus at dusk

Port of Piraeus, Greece

street artist

Patra, Greece

Carnival story

Patra, Greece

Carnival in Patra

Patra, Greece

Crescent City FD

Vieux Carre, New Orleans, Louisiana

Happier days

New Orleans, Louisiana


Evdilos, Ikaria


Evdilos, Ikaria


fashion show at the Athens Hilton

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Valia Kalda

sunset over the 'warm valley' or 'valia kalda' in the local vlach lingo. one of Greece's most beautiful areas and one of two habitats in the country for the brown bear - the last bears living in the wild in Europe. the other brown bear habitat is shared with Bulgaria.

Grevena, northern Greece


Plaka, Athens


Plaka, Athens


wall composition; Plaka, Athens


Yellini, Corinthian mountain range


the first images - usually wasted simply to forward a roll of film - can hold pleasant surprises, such as this surreal ceiling shot

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sunset on the beach of Eggares - 4

believe it or not, there is zero digital manipulation for this set, aside from some dust removal. it was shot with the camera on a bag and some clothes on the roof of the car. any discoloration is from the aging of the emulsion.

sunset on the beach of Eggares - 3

sunset on the beach of Eggares - 2

sunset on the beach of Eggares


outside the village of Eggares


outside the village of Eggares



parting shot

from the set of The Minotaur Came To Leros

the psychiatric patients

from the filming of The Minotaur Came To Leros

The Minotaur

the film is about a group of patients in a psychiatric hospital raising a play about the Minotaur of Crete.

from the making of The Minotaur Came To Leros

a truly underground film. this is the basement of the ruins of the old Fix brewery in Patissia.

The Minotaur Came To Leros

The central set

more of the cast

from the filming of The Minotaur Came To Leros.

the cast posing

on the set of the film The Minotaur Came To Leros.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the fire of Hercules

Pyra Irakleous, central Greece

sunset over Athens

From Philopappou

Allen Ginsberg - 10

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 9

Rex Theater; Dec, 1993

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 8

Allen Ginsberg - 7

Poetry reading in Athens, Greece

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 6

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 5

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 4

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 3

Came home from work and was fixing to have a quiet read of the newpaper when my eye caught the announcement of an engagement that evening: Allen Ginsberg was in town and about to give a poetry recital at the invitation of a local literary magazine. I almost fell off my seat. Rushed over as fast as I could. It was worth it, although Ginsberg demolished one of my cherished myths (he said 'Howl' was not a revolutionary poem - only a poem describing life in a pyschiatric ward) and failed to satisfactorily settle that nagging question about whether Bill Burroughs was or was not an inheritor of the Burroughs adding machine fortune.

Allen expressed surprise at the fact that the theater was full and people were asked to go to the balconies.

Allen Ginsberg in Athens - 2

Rex Theater

Allen Ginsberg in Athens

Rex Theatre; Dec, 1993

retro horror


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


New Orleans, Louisiana

haji's door