Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Syros, old city

An old, weathered door in the old part of the capital of Syros. The paint is peeling away like the memory of those for whom it was once a welcome sight.



Aegean sunset

A sunset over the Aegean -- always a sight to behold.

bamboo roots

Syros side street

clothesline meditation

Soul Retrieval

"...Soul Retrieval is a shamanic journey into the four compartments of our soul. The Shaman leads us to meet “Huaskar," the gatekeeper of the underworld. Huaskar gives his permission and escorts us on this journey. The first compartment of the soul is a compartment of wounds. Here we find incidents/memories of traumatic experiences that have led parts of our soul to abandon the body. The second compartment is a compartment of contracts. In order to deal with each unresolved wound we made a contract with ourselves that binds us to certain behavioral patterns. The third compartment is the compartment of grace. Here one finds him or herself in full expression of potentiality, in full radiance. The fourth compartment is the compartment of gifts. Here the journeyer will find gifts that may be used to strengthen and assist him/her in the world. As Huaskar accompanies us out of the four compartments of the soul, he assists us in finding our power animal. We return from our soul retrieval with our power animal, gifts, and knowledge of ourselves in grace. Upon the return from this journey the Shaman leads a fire ceremony in which the old contract is burned and a new one is written to replace the old. This new contract assists us in our personal growth and spiritual evolution. Soul retrieval is an experience of profound self-discovery in the world of our emotions and our soul, an empowering journey of transformation..."